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New/Box Damage Only

Previously unused, pristine condition, possible box damage only, may have some manufacturer warranty but not full, items such as electric razors, toothbrushes, hair curling tongs, etc will only be sold as new for hygene reasons, these items will be sealed and unopened.  Other items may be unsealed so we are able to check condition but are still unused/new.  For Mobile Phones these may be 7 day returned phones which have been purchased directly from the manufacturer or main distributor that have been returned to them unused and may also be re-boxed.  However the units are new and unused and will have full manufacturer warranty as well as our own 3 month warranty.

Pristine Condition

Products listed in Pristine Condition are absolutely mint condition - unblemished - like new.  In most cases they will be supplied in an original box but is not always possible and so may be supplied in a good quality generic box specially made to fit the product.  Items in Pristine condition are perfect to give as a gift and the items themselves are indistinguishable from a new item except for the box which will have been opened or will be generic.  Excellent value for money compared to buying brand new.

Excellent Condition

Products which we list as Excellent Condition are previously used but which are in grade A - Excellent condition, there may be one or two minor/light marks or scratches but these will only be visible on very close inspection and not usually visible on the main screen of the item and will be hard to spot. We also include Refurbished goods in this grade.

Very Good Condition

These are products which are in good condition, they will have some marks or scratches and these will be visible on general inspection (arms length) however goods in this grade are usually very good, because we have such high standards for our Pristine and Excellent condition products, these products are generally only just outside of our very high standards and therefore represent the best value for money.

Reasonable Condition

Products that we list as Reasonable Condition are in generally poor condition, they will have several noticable sratches/scuffs on any part of the product. However... Items we list in this condition are outstanding value for money if you are not worried about the cosmetic condition but just want the item for its functionality, e.g. to replace and item that went faulty or to use in an environment where it would not stay looking like new for very long (building site, outdoor activities, etc...).  Every product we sell is rigorously checked and tested to make sure it is fully functional so no matter what cosmetic condition it is in, it is purely cosmetic and the product will work perfectly.  We are so satisfied we offer a 3 month warranty on every product we sell so you can buy in complete confidence that you will receive a fully working item and if anything goes wrong it can be returned for repair/replacement or full refund (see terms and conditions at time of sale for full details).


Faulty goods are products which do not function as they should and/or have severe cosmetic damage such as complete cracks in the housings or smashed displays. That being said we will not sell complete rubbish, for these items we usually provide a full fault report in the listing so you are in no doubt what the problem is with it. If you like a challenge or just want it for spare parts for an item you already own then these products represent amazing value as we generally sell Faulty items at cost price to clear.  Please note however we do not provide any warranty on products sold as Faulty and will be sold as seen with no return.